NX-7-7 Professional cuticle nippers X-line 7, L-110 mm, blades 7 mm

  • Elongated handles of a classic shape, optimal for a medium-sized palm
  • Matte outer surface, inner glossy polished handles
  • Made of medical grade stainless steel AISI 420J2, characterized by high corrosion resistance
  • Steel hardness according to Rockwell is 52-56 HRC, which ensures long-term retention of cutting properties
  • The tool goes through a passivation process for additional protection against corrosion damage
  • Careful internal and external polishing of the hinge joints ensures a soft, smooth closing of the handles
  • The instrument is resistant to corrosion and can be disinfected with special disinfectant solutions intended for disinfection of metal instruments, and can also be sterilized in autoclaves or dry ovens
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